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Powerful Sales Software

Win Maestro is a powerful sales software solution that enables users to qualify sales opportunities and manage sales pipelines professionally.

Powerful algorithms auto-populate sales dashboards, update weighted pipelines and produce accurate and believable sales forecasts.

Lead Qualification

Qualify to identify the winnable sales opportunities. Complete a customisable qualification questionnaire to generate a graphical representation of your sales opportunity. See how well qualified it is and what actions you need to take to win.

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Pipeline Management

Manage your sales pipeline, track progress and have confidence in your sales forecasts. See whether your pipeline has the scale and quality to achieve your targets.

Management Dashboard

Your management dashboard gives you instant visibility of your team's sales performance. View sales progress, and ensure you are on track to achieve your sales targets. Real-time dashboards show key sales metrics, tracking progress against targets.


Win Maestro is quick and easy to use. Qualify sales opportunities in minutes and see your sales forecast grow in real-time.

Directors and Managers‚Äč

  • Highly configurable to match your organisation
  • See the sales qualification status of all opportunities
  • View, reassign and track opportunities
  • See win rates
  • Monitor the sales pipeline
  • Set and track progress towards sales targets
  • View live data and forecast with accuracy

Sales Professionals

  • Qualify sales opportunities quickly and easily
  • See the qualification status of each opportunity
  • Identify showstoppers that make winning difficult
  • Track your win rate
  • Manage your sales pipeline
  • Generate accurate sales forecasts
  • Win more and earn more commission

Identify Winnable Sales

Qualifying objectively is the most important part of the sales process. It enables you to focus only on opportunities you can win. Using Win Maestro to ask the right questions enables you to identify the sales opportunities worth pursuing; and those that are not.
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