Our features have been designed to make life easier, and to help you succeed.

Lead Qualification

Complete a simple questionnaire to see a graph showing how well qualified your opportunity is. Requalify regularly to see how your win probability improves. Sales forecasts are automatically updated as the qualification status changes.

Pipeline Management

See all your sales opportunities and add new ones as they arise. Annotate each as won, lost or open. Quickly edit data as it changes. See whether your pipeline will achieve your targets. Changes to your data automatically update dashboards and sales forecasts.

Performance Monitoring

Drill down to see the performance of any Division, Team, Sales Manager or Sales Professional. Allocate sales targets and see progress on simple dashboards. All your data in one place – updated in real time as opportunities are progressed.

Win Rate Tracking

See win rates by individual, team or division. See who is doing well and who needs more support. See win rates improve as leads are qualified more rigorously. See the organisation’s overall win rate.

Showstopper Analysis

Identify sales opportunities that have showstoppers that will prevent you winning. See which opportunities fail to pass the showstopper test. Address showstopper issues, or qualify out.

Bespoke Configuration

Win Maestro is fully configurable. Brand with your company logo, create Divisions and Teams to mirror your organisational structure, and create bespoke qualification questionnaires.

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