How to get the most out your sales team

How do you get your sales team to work at optimum productivity?  More money, or a new commission scheme often spring to mind. However, the workforce is changing, and for many sales employees, money isn’t the only  motivator anymore. The people that just  want more money will move and find a better paid job. In order to maintain your teams’ productivity, you need to think of other ways to keep them motivated.

Make heroes out of your sales team

Many  sales managers think that focusing more time on trying to improve the performance of their underachievers will generate  more sales. However, what really makes the difference  is nurturing your sales winners.
Sales reps who aren’t doing well, aren’t doing well for a reason. Your efforts to increase their productivity may help a small amount, but it’s important not to forget to recognise   your top sellers. Focusing more time on recognising  your top sellers will encourage them to maintain their hard work and strive to do even better the following month, but more importantly will motivate the other members of the team.  Sales people are competitive by their very nature.

Supporting your top sellers and providing them with wider access to resources and opportunities, will result in  more sales. These people want to sell. Those who aren’t putting the effort in or aren’t capable of selling probably don’t want to sell. Of course you can turn poor sellers into good  sellers but the success rate and reward won’t be as high as if you put more resources into those who are already wanting to do well for themselves and the business.

Different types of recognition

You can give top sellers a bonus, which will be greatly appreciated. However, there are more creative ways to offer rewards that your sales team will appreciate. This could be in the form of a ‘top seller of the month’ award, recognition at the sales conference, or additional monetary rewards for bringing in top deals (in addition to their usual commission), e.g. vouchers for a meal out, maybe a free holiday, or upgrades company car.  All of these will let your top sellers know that their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Team Building

Team building activities have become popular in many sales teams. Doing the same repetitive tasks everyday can get boring, no matter how much you love your job. So, taking your team on a day out to do something different can have a huge impact on the way your sales team works back in the office. Team building days enable your sales team to bond with other members, learn from each other and look forward to something that is associated with work, but isn’t.

Set goals and targets

A sales business that doesn’t set targets for its team is destined to fail. Salespeople need something to work towards to keep them motivated.

Make sure the best salespeople are selling!
Successful sales people should be selling. Not chasing prospects or doing unnecessary admin. So that means reducing the amount of non-sales activity  they undertake and delegating them to other departments. A sales professional shouldn’t be making cold calls and trying to generate interest in pointless prospects. There are sales software solutions out there that help with qualifying leads and enable your best sales professionals to focus on selling. Putting the best salespeople in front of bad prospects won’t help you get the most out of your team, but that is what can happen if they are left to find and chase prospects themselves or when leads aren’t properly qualified.


Offering flexibility in the workplace is a concept that has been highly adopted in recent years. If your team are restricted to working 9-5 everyday in the office they don’t have time to enjoy their lives and may dread getting up in the morning.

Flexible working means your sales team has the ability to choose the hours they work and the time they go for lunch. Being more lenient and allowing them to take an hour off during the day and make up their hours later won’t go unnoticed. Giving back to your sales team and offering them flexibility when they need it can help when it comes to their motivation. You want to sell and make money for a company that cares about you, not one that restricts you.

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