Lead Qualification Software – When to use it?

Effective Sales Professionals understand the importance of lead qualification. They qualify their leads rigorously and spend most of their time on opportunities that are highly likely to translate into sales. They quickly identify opportunities that are unlikely to result in a sale and ruthlessly eliminate those leads from their pipeline.

Automating your qualification process can make your team more effective.

Less successful salespeople have a propensity to be over-optimistic; genuinely believing that they can win irrespective of how well qualified their opportunities are. It’s not that they don’t qualify the leads that they have in their pipeline, it is more a case of them qualifying informally and subjectively rather than objectively using lead qualification software.

So how can automating the qualification process with sales software help to make even the most experienced Sales Professional more effective?

Lead Qualification software has 3 key benefits:

  1. It helps to identify worthless opportunities; those opportunities that won’t convert so that they can be removed from the pipeline.
  2. For opportunities that are winnable it identifies the areas of weakness that decrease win probability. Once the vulnerabilities are identified, they can be addressed in advance of the client making their procurement decisions.
  3. It is objective and precise and therefore more accurately able to predict outcomes. Eliminating leads that will not convert frees up time and enables sales professionals to focus on those opportunities that are winnable.

Sales qualification software has the capability to reduce a company’s cost of sale. Sales professionals can sell more and improve their earnings as they have more free time and everyone benefits from more accurate sales forecasting.

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