How To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Customers

All sales professionals understand that positive customer relations are vital to success. It is far easier to sell to an existing client with whom a positive relationship exists than to a new one. Nurturing positive relationships is therefore a key focus of activity for most successful Sales Professionals but what exactly constitutes a positive business relationship?


Customer expectations are rising exponentially. Customers are seeking more of the following. First and foremost it is a relationship based on trust. Undoubtedly you will be more successful in sales if potential customers trust you. People buy from people and usually from people they both like and trust as advisers. Meet face-to face, whenever possible, to build relationships and show that you are either knowledgeable yourself or are able to access experts as required to review options and address their needs. Do the basics well and If you agree a deadline or deliverable with a customer, make sure you meet it.


The millennial workforce is also re-shaping the traditional world of sales through. Listening is key to sales success! You have two ears and one mouth, and it is solid advice to use them in that proportion. You need to show that you are interested in them and that you don’t just want a quick sale. Understand their needs more deeply than your competitors; in both business terms and technically. What are their pain points? Don’t forget that you are selling to a person too. It is not just about company benefits; what does the buyer, personally want to get out of the service solution or product that you are selling?

Professional Follow-up

So many business relationships are destroyed by clumsy, crass follow-up. A well thought-through sales campaign will ensure that there are good reasons to stay in touch and remain at the forefront of clients’ minds. People are irritated by follow-up calls that just chase the order or offer a surprise extra discount. Trusted advisers don’t just do that; they call with additional information, to understand requirements more deeply or to follow-up on agreed actions. They call when appropriate, build stronger relationships and sell more.

In conclusion, building trust, listening more, and following up professionally will enable you to maintain good relationships with your customers. Focus on relationships and sales will follow.

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