pipeline management

How To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Customers

All sales professionals understand that positive customer relations are vital to success. It is far easier to sell to an existing client with whom a positive relationship exists than to a new one. Nurturing positive relationships is therefore a key … Read More

Trends Shaping The Future Of Sales

At Performance Quest, we work with hundreds of Sales Professionals each year which means we have some interesting insights into the trends shaping the future of the sales industry. Customer Driven Trends Customer expectations are rising exponentially. Customers are seeking more … Read More

Lead Qualification Software – When to use it?

Effective Sales Professionals understand the importance of lead qualification. They qualify their leads rigorously and spend most of their time on opportunities that are highly likely to translate into sales. They quickly identify opportunities that are unlikely to result in … Read More

How To Win More Sales

Chill out on the hard-selling   Nobody wants to be ‘sold’ to. It’s the digital equivalent of the sales assistant that follows you around the store, or the seller that reels off a load of benefits that you just aren’t … Read More

Reducing Your Cost Of Sale With Good Pipeline Management

Every organisation measures its cost of sales and tries to manage it to deliver improved margin for its stakeholders.  The Sales organisation is a significant part of the cost/overhead carried, but most organisations fail to manage effectively what it is … Read More